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Using the NexGen Actions ipt Variations Script

Using the NexGen Actions ipt Variations Script

Learn how to use the ipt Variations script to run a sequence of similar actions on your image (B&W, cooling, warming, etc.), step through the different looks and then pick and apply just the look that best works for your image. Demonstrates both the Cool Variations and the B&W Variations included with the ipt NexGen […]

ipt-NexGen Actions – “If Things Go Wrong”

If Things Go Wrong

On rare occasions it’s possible for the ipt NexGen Developer Framework scripts that the NexGen Actions are built on to get “out of sync”. This can cause problems like the help system not functioning properly and actions not running correctly. This video explains why this problem might occur and how to fix the problem if […]

Configuring the NexGen Actions and NexGen Framework Options

NexGen Config Feature Image

This video takes an in-depth look at the User Options of the ipt NexGen Actions and the ipt NexGen Developer Framework that the NexGen actions are built on. I examine ¬†how to configure the actions to adapt and work with your workflow and preferences by demonstrating what each one of the User Options does and […]